huésped elige hotel por sus servicios de plataforma OTT

In a scenario where a person is far from home, buzzing around all day, and, sometimes, feeling a bit overwhelmed by having to fend for themselves in a foreign language, their hotel room will be the only place where they can feel right at home. Among the many options offered by a solution such as ours, there are 3 services that are considered as the most important in a hotel OTT platform.

It is here where hotels have the opportunity to improve user experience and, somehow or other, differentiate themselves from their competition by making things easier for their guests and helping them feel as comfortable as possible.

What does a hotel guest need to feel right at Home?

There are several key aspects to be taken into account in order to convey this feeling of “being home”, even when people are far away from it, but the following 3 are the most important factors when trying to achieve this goal:

✔️ Wi-Fi: A “Must-Have” in every home.

Thanks to technology, we are now able to access the Internet from almost anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, and despite the growing popularity of the well-known “unlimited mobile data” services, the average user still prefers to connect to Wi-Fi networks whenever they can. 

This is all the more so when we want to watch on-demand content or live streams, play online games, or just browse through social media or surf the Internet, which are activities that use a lot of data and that may burn through our mobile data plan. 

Nowadays, almost every business in the hospitality industry offers this service, so the best way to stand out among the competition is to facilitate Internet access as much as possible, and, of course, to provide a Wi-Fi network that is good enough to support a great number of users without experiencing interruptions or losing quality. 

✔️ Chromecast: Watch your content on the TV. 

This technology has been fully integrated into our everyday lives; using our mobile devices as remote controls and being able to display just about any content on a television screen has almost become a need.

Being able to watch shows, films or sports on the television is something that hotel guests really appreciate, especially if the TV in their room isn’t equipped with the technology necessary to have the most popular VOD platforms installed. 

If you work in the hospitality industry and you have been considering upgrading these services, you can request a demo and enhance your guests’ experience.

✔️ TV in your native language.

In addition to the two technologies we mentioned above, there is another option that will make people feel right at home when they are abroad: providing them with a TV that is in their native language. It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? 

Imagine that you cannot speak a word of German. You check into a hotel in Cologne, Germany, and find that the TV in your room, as well as the Wi-Fi and Chromecast instructions displayed on the menu screen, are in your native language. 

You will be able to surf the Internet or to access apps without having to struggle with a foreign language, and, in some cases and depending on the solution and the rights owned by the hotel, you will even have access to channels from your home country.

guest connects to wifi through hotel OTT platform

You will have all this and much more with the Yuvod solution.

Thanks to the solution for the hospitality industry offered by Yuvod, bringing together these three key aspects, and many more, is now possible. How about getting to your hotel room and finding a welcome message displayed on the television screen in your own language? And what about being able to easily access the instructions to connect to the Wi-Fi network or accessing them by directly scanning a QR code?

All these services are a golden opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from the competition. These are only 3 key services to make your guests feel at home, but the solution for the hospitality industry offered by Yuvod allows you to add many more benefits. You can check out all these benefits offered by OTT platforms to the hospitality industry in another of our articles.

Now that you know these are the most important services offered by a hotel OTT platform according to guests, is there any other service that you think is essential to make people feel at home during a hotel stay?