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The impact of sports OTT platforms on our everyday lives has absolutely revolutionized the world of sports at large, opening up new possibilities for both fans and sports organizations.

Over the last few years, we have gone from watching the most important sports events on conventional TV channels for free, to witnessing a gradual privatization process that is making it virtually impossible for fans to watch free live sports content. 

The recent pandemic has forced all these platforms and/or sports organizations to reinvent themselves, in a context in which the Internet was the only means to reach their users or fans. 

But, why are these sports OTT platforms revolutionizing the industry?

It is no coincidence that sports OTTs have burst into our everyday lives and caused such a stir. Indeed, the benefits provided by these solutions allow us to adapt and to keep growing in an increasingly changing industry. 

✔️ An affordable price for everyone.

In their battle against traditional pay television, OTTs try to differentiate themselves before potential audiences by offering them something their competitors cannot offer: an affordable price. Major television companies make the user enter into big contracts in which, more often than not, TV services are sold together with Internet and telephone services. 

In contrast, sports OTT platforms offer smaller and more affordable prices, and they even give users the opportunity to watch free content or to pay for watching a live stream of a specific event—even if they are not subscribed to their service—, by offering them different subscription plans depending on the content they wish to prioritize.

✔️ Streaming content on any device.

We already mentioned the importance of the Internet in the evolution of these platforms, and how being able to watch any content anywhere, anytime and on any device has been a huge step forward. But it has also done a lot of damage to big television companies, which limited the experience of watching a sports event to a specific broadcast time and to a particular place: your living-room couch.

Devices to play content from sports OTT platforms

This business model has made it possible for a vast number of sports to be available to many more people, regardless of their service provider, their mobile device, their mobile brand or the place where they live.

We must not forget that there are still people whose homes are not equipped with the technology necessary to hire the services of certain private operators. 

✔️ Catch-Up TV.

Even though sports platform users usually prioritize live streams over other kind of content, another key feature that makes OTT different from a traditional TV channel is that it can also offer a Catch-Up TV service. 

This is a system that enables users to watch content after it has been broadcast, storing the event for a certain period of time, so they can enjoy it without restriction if they missed it live. 

✔️ Sports OTT platforms provide companies with great opportunities for progress.

In addition to the above benefits, and in terms of business performance and company interest, sports OTTs also provide an extensive amount of information about users—a great variety of data and statistics that help business succeed in meeting user needs so they can keep providing the best possible service. 

Knowing what the busiest hours are, on what devices platforms are more successful, or what kind of content users prefer, are some examples of the incredibly useful information companies can collect to make the most of their business and to be able to attract or retain a great number of users. 

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If watching the video has left you wanting for more, feel free to request a demo and we will assist you throughout the whole process.

Now that you know why sports OTT platforms are having such an impact on our society, do not hesitate to jump on the OTT bandwagon and help your customers take advantage of all the benefits offered by these solutions.

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