Friends watching a football match on a sports OTT platform

The way in which we watch sports has significantly changed over recent years. Now that you are aware of the main benefits offered by sports OTT platforms, as explained in one of our previous articles, it is time for you to read about the external factors that are contributing to the growing popularity of this new way of consuming sports content.

Major technological breakthroughs encouraging the growth of sports OTT platforms.

The advent of technologies such as 5G will totally revolutionize the sports OTT platform market. First of all, service delivery will considerably improve in terms of speed and stability. 

Speed. This will make waiting times go down enormously, especially on mobile devices, which is where the number of views is growing faster. 

Stability. Nowadays, streaming and live content services usually lose streaming quality and experience interruptions if the Internet connection is not good enough, but once 5G is implemented in these solutions, the streaming quality will be significantly increased.

Sports OTT platforms mobile version

In short, low latency is where this progress will be more evident. This is a key term in the world of OTTs that has a direct impact on streaming times. You can read more about it in one of our articles: What Is Low Latency?

Sports OTTs are a reality.

There are many sport organizations that are increasingly turning to these platforms with the purpose of boosting fan engagement.

Different teams and federations already have their own OTT, with different plans and an extensive catalogue of proprietary content. Many of these platforms were launched during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, when the Internet was the only means to keep up to date with the latest news from the clubs.  

This was, for instance, the case with LaLigaSportsTV, an OTT platform designed with smaller sports and minor leagues in mind that turned out to be quite a success. Since it was launched in March 2019, just before the beginning of the pandemic, LaLigaSportsTV has proved that the idea of creating a platform for all those sports overshadowed by football was spot-on.

What does the future hold for sports OTT platforms? 

Sports OTT platforms are already a reality, but as a result of new developments and fierce competition, their importance in the short term seems to be greater than we could have ever imagined.

Sports OTT Platforms tablet version

If we add the possibility of having an upgraded connection, such as that offered by 5G, to the wide range of prices of these platforms—which are affordable for almost everyone—to the fact that the content is distributed among the many platforms, and to the possibility of streaming content on any current device, anytime and anywhere… then the future of OTTs looks extremely promising.

Javier Tebas, President of the Spanish football league, confirmed that the plan is for the Spanish league to have its own OTT in the short term, and that it will possibly be the only platform where its content would be available—a kind of content that makes massive amounts of money on TV rights alone. And you? Would you subscribe to one of these sports platforms?