What is a CDN? Yuvod choose Transparent Edge

In any business based on the distribution of content over the Internet, having an excellent CDN has become an essential point. This concept may sound unfamiliar to the average Internet consumer, but is actually present in every action that is carried out on the network. Will you join us to discover what a CDN is?

What is a CDN and what is it for?

A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is a set of servers distributed across different geographical locations that replicate the original content so that when a user wants to access it, the “copy” arrives from the nearest server, improving speed and quality of reproduction.

These servers act as a team, helping each other according to user load and traffic needs. They balance work to ensure an excellent connection and that no crashes occur during playback. If one of them fails, the other servers in the network are ready to take over the load from it.

Colleagues at Transparent Edge Service explain it easily through a simile of the production of a newspaper at the printing house and further distribution of its copies to all the kiosks, so that all the public has access to them without the need to go to the printing house to have one made from scratch.

In this case, kiosks would be the CDN. We leave you the link to Transparent Edge Service’s blog to know the most relevant news on CDN networks. 

The nodes delivered around the world.

In Yuvod, we have nodes in different parts of Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia.

In this way, for example, a user in Barcelona who wants to see a content hosted in the USA, will receive a copy of it from the nearest node in Europe. Since the distance that content travels is shorter than if it were delivered from the United States, the upload speed is faster, the latency (delay) is very low and the quality of service is better.

What is CDN? Work and see content without fear of failure

Now that you know what a CDN network is and its relevance in the world of content reproduction, we hope we have clarified your doubts and that you have understood the importance of this type of technology. We invite you to get to know our products by requesting a demo to check the effectiveness of our CDN network and our solution.