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In 2022, the vast majority of businesses rely heavily on the Internet and losing data or experiencing outages in certain operations can have a catastrophic impact on a technology company. Data centres come into the picture precisely to prevent this and provide the business in question with security and reliability. Whether to choose an external company to do this or to set up an in-house data centre is a question that should be approached with caution.

In our case we have trusted Nixval to host part of our IT infrastructure. Nixval is not only a safe bet for its proximity and for being part of the ecosystem of Valencian companies that are gaining so much relevance in recent years but also provides fundamental security and confidence to carry out all these functions. 

Another key aspect in our decision to choose it to host part of our infrastructure has been its satellite teleport solution. This service is a huge advantage since it gives us the ability to connect to various satellites and thus receive a large number of television signals, expanding our range of services, which is so necessary for a company like ours. 

Centralised data centre or outsourcing?

There are many variables to consider when deciding whether to integrate one’s own data centre into one’s infrastructure or to use a third party to take care of this. Having a centralised in-house data centre provides enormous advantages but it is a major expense and responsibility that many companies find difficult to take on.

Factors such as land, energy consumption, equipment, workers and capacity are in some cases too much of a headache depending on the size of the business and its profitability.

On the other hand, outsourcing all these operations to an external data centre is beneficial in many respects, such as in terms of technology, high-level equipment and highly qualified staff.

Connectivity, in terms of speed of data access, or efficiency, in terms of power supply and server cooling, are two other factors that would consume a large amount of resources in a centralised data centre. Flexibility in terms of growth, scalability available as the company evolves and more resources are needed, saving expansion work and staff recruitment in the case of having it integrated into the company’s infrastructure.

Finally, in terms of security, a data processing centre (DPC) provides strong protection against attacks and makes backups to secure data in the event of failure or loss. In this respect, Nixval strengthens its commitment to cybersecurity and obtains certification in the National Security Scheme (NSS) in the HIGH category as a sign of commitment to its clients and private cloud connection services via DirectCloud.

About Nixval.

Nixval is the leading data centre infrastructure operator in eastern Spain. It has over a decade of experience in operating hosting-neutral data centres and interconnection services serving major telecommunications operators, IT service integrators, companies and technology start-ups.

Partner Nixval with Yuvod as datacenter to host part of its IT infrastructure

In Yuvod we are committed to outsourcing this part of our infrastructure because of the complete confidence that Nixval offers and because it responds perfectly to our needs at this precise moment, allowing us to scale up as our requirements increase.